Skiing down the slopes…with diabetes

I just returned from a weekend in Denver, CO. I was visiting my dear college roommate, Beth. We went rock climbing in Table Rock and downhill skiing at Keystone and Breckenridge. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? It was…but as a person living with type-1 diabetes I also have to put a little more planning into my trip up the mountain.

Tip #1 – I had put my blood sugar meter in a backpack that I was wearing and when I took it out to test my blood sugar the meter said the temperature was too low (of a temp.) to get a result. So I ended up putting the meter under my innermost layer (sport’s bra) to have it heat up. TMI? Well, it worked.

Tip #2 – Pack a snack for the mountain that won’t freeze. On the first day of skiing I brought a peanut butter Kashi bar. When I took it out of my pocket to eat (while riding up the ski lift) it was rock solid and I couldn’t bite through it. Snacks that did work for me were….Cliff Shot Blocks (fruit punch flavored), Shark Fruit Snacks, Nature Valley Granola Bars, and of course regular glucose tabs in the case that I did have a low blood sugar.

Tip #3 – Because I wear an Insulin Pump (Medtronic) I had to make sure that my beeper looking device stayed warm. The winter coat that I had was equipped with a pocket in the inside of the coat for a cell phone. It fit perfect for the pump and kept it warm.

Tip #4 – Make sure that at least one person, on your trip,  knows that you have diabetes. Beth was such a good support for me, always asking if I needed a snack and if I needed to test my blood sugar. She wasn’t pushy or overbearing, she was a good friend looking out for me.

Next up…planning a trip to ski in Lutsen, MN in January!

Let me know if you have any tips that have worked for you…

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