Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

I know I’m a little late on this post and maybe even a bit late to get on the Valentine’s Day appreciation wagon, but this year I did participate. In year’s past I was known to wear all black in my own memorial for this Hallmark holiday. I was having a conversation with a friend last year around this time and she said that Vday is her favorite holiday. I was stunned.

“How could it be your favorite holiday? Is it because you’re married?”

Jeanette replied quickly, “The marriage part is nice of course, but I’ve always loved the holiday. I see it as a day to appreciate all the people in my life who I love and who love me. I write them cards on the 14th telling them what they mean to me in my life.”

So in Jeanette’s spirit I now wear all red on this day. I feel blessed to have wonderful friends and family around me who I love dearly and have loved me through the ups and the downs.

This last weekend I went to visit my Grandpa who was recently hospitalized. He’s a strong Christian man, World War II Veteran, wonderful husband, Dad, and Grandfather. My respect for him is immeasurable. Sitting around his bed with my family was difficult, but it also helped me reflect on what love is and what it looks like. It looks like my Grandma sitting next to my Grandpa on the hospital bed after 60 years of marriage and still cracking jokes with each other and supporting each other through everything…how I will always be the middle sister, referee, with my two brothers at all photo sessions….experiencing other cultures internationally through travel….God’s grace….and every Monday night at my house sitting around my living room with the best girl friends in the world. That’s what love is.

Making your insulin pump fashionable!?!

Is there a way that you can make your insulin pump (aka plastic box) fashionable? Or is that an oxymoron? I saw on a diabetes Facebook group a company called “Hanky Pancreas” with it’s mission of “creating a series of functional yet fashionable products to better integrate wearable diabetes technologies with the human experience.”

I’ve always struggled with where to put the pump when I wear a cocktail dress out, or if I’m wearing leggings and a tunic. It seems small, but it becomes this object that you’re trying to tac up in odd places. Too much information?

Moving on….I went to the website interested to see what these fashionable accessories looked like. I was in heaven! There were beautiful flowers (I ordered the white and black ones), a multi-functional scarf and other items that I was drooling over.  I received the handmade items in the mail this last week and had to wear one the next day. See the photo to the right of my (poor) self-portrait sporting the “White Flower (Bolus)”.  Not only did it add a cute, interesting element to my outfit but the pump was in an easy to access spot and it was more comfortable to wear thanks to Jessica’s thoughtful design.

Jessica Floeh is the founder of Hanky Pancreas™, and her passion is contagious. She wants to challenge the current models of design for medical devices. Check out her website and let me know what you think. This was my valentine’s gift to myself! 🙂


Glamour Magazine & Sally Hansen “Best of You” Contest


I received an e-mail in January saying that I had been named one of ten national semifinalists for Glamour Magazine & Sally Hansen’s “Best of You” contest. For the last 12 years they have honored inspirational women who find the best in themselves to bring out the good in others. I was so surprised when I heard that they had selected me. Diabetes isn’t often a recognized cause that I’m used to ever seeing when I open a magazine and so not only did the honor mean a lot to me personally, but I was so grateful for the 25 million American living with diabetes for the raised awareness.

Now to your action item….go on-line and vote at http://www.glamalert.com/sally2012/ . Please feel free to send an e-mail out to all of your contacts, repost on Twitter and Facebook. One vote per e-mail address. Voting will determine the winner of the award, which includes a substantial donation for my charity, diabetes advocacy for me.  Voting closes Monday, February 13.

I know that I cannot do this without your vote and support. Together, I know we can do this for diabetes.

The countdown begins…