The days that I’m reminded that I have a chronic, incurable illness

Friday started out with a lot of promise. I was looking forward to the weekend ahead. I was going to a good friend’s birthday dinner at some new restaurant in Minneapolis that night. As my day went on though my blood sugars would not drop below 300 (the normal range is 80-120). I had been prescribed Prednisone that week and because it’s a steroid it really ups your blood sugars. I was pumping 3 times the amount of insulin that I usually would take into me and my numbers wouldn’t drop. I describe having a high blood sugar sort of feeling like you have a bad case of the flu. I felt miserable. Frustrated. Mad that my weekend plans were escaping me. I was so dehydrated that my friend came to my house and brought me to the Emergency Room to get checked. As hard as I’ve worked over the years to cope with having diabetes, these are the times that I’m reminded that I have a chronic, incurable illness. I don’t want to be the sick kid. I want to do everything that everyone else gets to do. I felt guilty that my friend Kristen’s evening was now consumed with sitting with me at the hospital as I got fluids and test after test taken. I was discharged 5 hours later.

When I go through these experiences, yes I’m sometimes very mad at the situation I was given (with diabetes), but then I’m reminded of all the incredible blessings. The days where I’m feeling healthy I’m so grateful for the body that God gave me. I look to Kristen whose gift of friendship is immeasurable in my mind. These moments empower me to work harder at finding a cure for diabetes for me, my younger brother Will, and the other 25 million Americans that live with diabetes.

One thought on “The days that I’m reminded that I have a chronic, incurable illness

  1. Quinn,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Those of us who live with this chronic, incurable disease certainly understand the frustrations. And, as healthy as you seem to be most of the time, there’s some comfort in knowing that even the healthiest of us have our bad days. It’s wonderful that you share your stories. THANK YOU!

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    Type 1, 40+ years

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