Anniversaries abound!

My 13th Diabetes Anniversary was on March 17th. It was a wonderful day of celebration with friends and family. Thank you everyone for your kind words!


Here is an e-mail that I received this last month that I wanted to share with all of you…

Hello Quinn,

Our adult son, Brent, is self-employed and has been uninsured for almost 20 years because he was unable to find a plan he could afford, or an insurance company that would be willing to provide him coverage, due to his type 1 diabetes. This left him having to pay out-of-pocket for all of his supplies and insulin, which has been financially devastating for him.  Are there any other options out there for him?




Dear Connie-

I’m so sorry to hear about the struggle that you’ve all been through to try to get basic health insurance to cover Brent’s diabetes supplies.

The American Diabetes Association has a wonderful (FREE!) resource that you can use – Center for Information and Community Support. This is the best diabetes resource I’ve found yet…they will find your answer. They have wonderful professionals on the phone, live, to speak with you.

1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383)

Please keep me updated on what you find out.



UPDATE: That same day Connie called me on the phone and she was practically in tears because the ADA had forwarded her the information about “Pre-Exisiting Condition Insurance Plan” (PCIP). Their purpose is to: “make health insurance available to people who have had a problem getting insurance due to a pre-existing condition.” She had never heard of this before, neither had I. I talked with Connie last week, He was just approved for coverage he can afford under the Texas Pre-existing Insurance Plan. This has changed his life, and ours, and we are so grateful.”

Health insurance is critical for people living with diabetes. With no insurance there’s very little likelihood that you can afford all of the supplies you need to stay in good control of your diabetes. President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act two years ago on March 23rd. This is why we now have Pre-Exisiting Condition Insurance that is now made available to people in the United States. A blessing indeed.

To find out more information about PCIP click here…

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