Perfect A1C?

There seems to be quite the debate out there about the perfect A1c and what it should be at for people living with diabetes. For what it’s worth here is my personal opinion on it…..

To me your A1C is like your weight. It’s incredibly personal and it’s just a number. I’ve talked with top endocronligists who’ve said that someone with an A1C of 6.8% though it looks good on paper what you’re not seeing sometimes are the dangerously low and high swings. I had a low A1C but I was struggling with bad hypoglycemic reactions that my Dr. told me a healthier thing is to look at staying below 7.5% as a type-1 diabetic.

Emily Stunek & I passing out diabetes advocacy literature at the Brainerd 4th of July Parade

I’m not out here advocating for A1C’s to just be whatever. I believe in good control of your diabetes and working hard each day. But sitting in the emergency room on a Friday night because my blood sugars would not drop below 300 (in 48 hours) because of a bad reaction to prednisone. I WILL NOT, WILL NOT, WILL NOT beat myself up over times like that. I will not obsess if situations like that will slightly raise my A1C test. To me that’s not healthy. Having diabetes we have to realize that we don’t always have full control of our blood sugars.

I want people I speak to to know that I’m not perfect, that I’m a regular patient who tries to hit my goals on a daily basis. I don’t speak of being the “perfect diabetic” because I don’t think that’s a true statements about anyone living with diabetes. Living with a chronic illness there are some things you can’t control.

My Tips to Live by

1. Do your best each day

2. Reach out for help to your medical team when needed

3. Be kind to yourself

I’m a real person, with real struggles. My mission in life is to talk openly and honestly about those to other people living with diabetes. I try my hardest and so when I rest my head at night and pray to God I’m happy with the job I’ve done and I pray that a cure for diabetes will be found.

2 thoughts on “Perfect A1C?

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