What does a diabetic look like?

Living with diabetes for the past 13 years people have said some pretty crazy things to me, concerning my disease. Some shock me more than others. The one that I got on a frequent basis is, “You don’t look like a diabetic.” This just happened to me last week. Once again, I was stunned in silence by the comment.

The women continued saying, “I mean I’ve just never seen someone so pretty, energetic, vibrant and happy who has diabetes. I’m used to seeing the ones who are old, tired, overweight and in a hospital bed.”

My eyes must of almost popped out of my head, she could see that I was shocked and said, “You know I mean this as a total compliment, right?”

I didn’t view it as a compliment. I responded back in the most polite way that I could, “There is no face of diabetes. It affects all races, ages, and demographics. The work that I do for diabetes is to help educate everyone that diabetes doesn’t discriminate, that all can be affected, and people will react differently to a diagnosis of a chronic illness.”

I would be curious to know from other people living with diabetes if they’ve ever gotten this comment before? How do you respond?

Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 days

I have lived with type-1 diabetes for over 13 years. I’ve cried and I’ve laughed. I’ve watched my younger brother Will for 15 years go through trials and tribulations with diabetes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve met people and they’ve poured their diabetes story out to me. There is one main thing in common with all those people and their loved ones…we would do anything to have a cure for diabetes. Point blank.

When someone recently sent me a link to a site telling me that someone has found a cure for diabetes I knew right away that’s impossible. It’s impossible because there is no cure for diabetes (type-1 or type-2). Why? Because a cure means, “a means of healing or restoring to health”. Over the years people will come up to me and send me information on promises of a cure for the disease. I’m sick of places capitalizing on the diabetes epidemic. It gets people’s hopes up when they hear about something like this, when it’s not the truth. Please stop. Please stop your “creative leniency” on advertising materials.

Here is the link so that you can see for yourself the claim that I’m talking about…


I think the VERY SMALL PRINT at the bottom of the page says it all, “The program featured in the film at the Tree of Life Rejuvination Center is most effective with diabetes type 2 but is also very effective at increasing quality of life and reducing insulin levels for diabetes type 1.” Decreasing insulin CANNOT be termed a cure.

So they’re telling us stuff that we already know…

  • some type-2 diabetics can reduce medication and/or get off completely if they have the disease because of obesity
  • some people are so ignorant about diabetes that they think they can use terminology like “reverse diabetes” when we all know that if you have type-2 and you no longer have to use medication (for whatever reason) you still have it, you’re just not taking medication
  • finally, for their type-1 comments…we know the less sugar you eat, the less insulin you would need to take. You’re not telling us anything new…other then making yourselves look uneducated.

And to think that they have over 18,000 likes on their Facebook page for “reversing diabetes” makes me sad. Switch your banner headline to “a solution to help you treat your diabetes better” and then we can talk about me clicking that button.

To all of you who are even clicking “LIKE” on these people’s page is tough for me to swallow. In the preview of the movie on their website they immediately discredit the American Diabetes Association’s statement on how there is no cure for diabetes. As a volunteer for the ADA I’m sickened that people would question their statements. The work they do to unite people so we can actually find a “real cure” and to fund programs to help with your quality of life have personally saved me.

SIMPLY RAW: You don’t think I would pay $29.95 for a cure for this deadly, chronic illness that I’ve lived with for 4,805 days of my life? You don’t think I would pay $29.95 to take away the pain that my brother has had to go through to just be able to  be healthy enough to play in a high school varsity game? You want to make this claim to the world (with some small print at the bottom) and confuse more people about diabetes?

Quantity Product Price Total Remove
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
$29.95 $29.95
Coupon code (optional):
Subtotal: $29.95
Total: $29.95

Yes, if I ate raw foods every day I would decrease some of my insulin doses. If a type-2 were to do this, they may be able to get off their medication. But NEITHER of us are cured. Please stop your misleading headlines.

I hope that the diabetes community bands together to not support companies who make these claims, but we stand together to educate people properly on diabetes.

To learn more information about the different types of diabetes click here.

If you would like to learn about ways that you can get involved in the diabetes community please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to match you up with an opportunity. 

STOP DIABETES Gala – American Diabetes Association

On Saturday evening I attended my first ever American Diabetes Association, STOP DIABETES Gala. Novo Nordisk asked me to speak on their behalf at the event. I felt privileged to be able to tell my personal story. My brother Will uses Novolog insulin pens to control his blood sugars and I use Novolog in my Medtronic insulin pump. It was important for me to thank Novo Nordisk for giving us life. Insulin is not a cure, it’s our life support until a cure is found.

Justin, Liz, Me & Brian

It was an exciting evening with a live auction. I got so nervous when my date Brian started throwing his napkin up in the air to bid on the big golf package. He won and made an incredibly kind donation to the ADA. Both of his cousins have diabetes and is connected with the cause. The event raised over $220,000! The money will go towards supporting diabetes research, distributing information, promoting advocacy, and facilitating their summer camp program, Camp Needlepoint.

I was proud to be in a room with so many people who were personally interested in doing whatever they could to help find a cure for diabetes.