STOP DIABETES Gala – American Diabetes Association

On Saturday evening I attended my first ever American Diabetes Association, STOP DIABETES Gala. Novo Nordisk asked me to speak on their behalf at the event. I felt privileged to be able to tell my personal story. My brother Will uses Novolog insulin pens to control his blood sugars and I use Novolog in my Medtronic insulin pump. It was important for me to thank Novo Nordisk for giving us life. Insulin is not a cure, it’s our life support until a cure is found.

Justin, Liz, Me & Brian

It was an exciting evening with a live auction. I got so nervous when my date Brian started throwing his napkin up in the air to bid on the big golf package. He won and made an incredibly kind donation to the ADA. Both of his cousins have diabetes and is connected with the cause. The event raised over $220,000! The money will go towards supporting diabetes research, distributing information, promoting advocacy, and facilitating their summer camp program, Camp Needlepoint.

I was proud to be in a room with so many people who were personally interested in doing whatever they could to help find a cure for diabetes.


2 thoughts on “STOP DIABETES Gala – American Diabetes Association

  1. Denise Tollefson

    Looking fabulous Quinn!!

  2. Your so beautiful Quinn and such an inspiration to so many!

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