What does a diabetic look like?

Living with diabetes for the past 13 years people have said some pretty crazy things to me, concerning my disease. Some shock me more than others. The one that I got on a frequent basis is, “You don’t look like a diabetic.” This just happened to me last week. Once again, I was stunned in silence by the comment.

The women continued saying, “I mean I’ve just never seen someone so pretty, energetic, vibrant and happy who has diabetes. I’m used to seeing the ones who are old, tired, overweight and in a hospital bed.”

My eyes must of almost popped out of my head, she could see that I was shocked and said, “You know I mean this as a total compliment, right?”

I didn’t view it as a compliment. I responded back in the most polite way that I could, “There is no face of diabetes. It affects all races, ages, and demographics. The work that I do for diabetes is to help educate everyone that diabetes doesn’t discriminate, that all can be affected, and people will react differently to a diagnosis of a chronic illness.”

I would be curious to know from other people living with diabetes if they’ve ever gotten this comment before? How do you respond?

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