Correction: Flu & Diabetes

I wanted to make a correction to my recent blog post that I put up this past Monday. It was brought to my attention by a loyal reader, who is a Family Practice Docter, that some of the information I gave about the flu shot and my diagnosis were misleading. He educated me and so I wanted to share with you all the correct information…

-People misuse the word or diagnosis of “Flu”
-What you actually had was a “Gastroenteritis” (vomiting, diarrhea, GI upset), or often called “Stomach Flu” in the lay press. It is NOT “Flu” or Influenza! 
-Referring to the annual Flu shot in the same context as Gastroenteritis is misleading, and incorrect
-The Flu Shot, or more accurately, the Influenza Vaccination, is to provide protection for the severe Respiratory Infection we in the medical community call Influenza or “Flu”. It has nothing to do with the GI illness of vomiting and diarrhea that the lay press often call “Flu” or stomach flu, and it will not provide any protection for this GI illness. 
-This year, the most likely cause of the severe gastroenteritis we have been seeing is probably the Norovirus (previously called the Norwalk Virus).


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