Review: Dexom G4 Platinum

I’m like a little girl on Christmas morning when I receive a package in the mail that contains new diabetes technology (I’m a diabetes dork, I dexcomknow). This last week I was sent a Dexcom’s BRIGHT PINK BRAND NEW G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor. I was encouraged to give it a try by another woman with type-1 diabetes who’s a user. A medical professional can make any recommendation they would like for me to use a certain product, but I rarely take their advice, instead I always ask other people with diabetes. They’re the ones who live with diabetes every minute of every day. Has this been your experience?

Disposable inserter device

Disposable inserter device

I have to say so far I’ve been incredibly impressed by it. The sensor is quite accurate. Even better, the inserter is easy to use and once it’s in under your skin you cannot feel it at all (I’ve gotten discomfort from other companies products in the past). The other thing I like about it is that you can wear the sensor for 7 days. Two problems that I’ve had with it…

1. The adhesive for the sensor is not that sticky. I went to hot yoga on my 1st day of wearing it and it all came right off! I now have used a skin adhesive as well as putting two sheets of tagaderm over it.

2. The other negative is having to carry around a second device. It hasn’t been as bad as I’ve thought because I’m used to carrying my iPhone and Medtronic insulin pump…I guess it’s just another thing to throw in my rapidly expanding purse! dexcom2

As someone who’s struggled with not always being able to feel low blood sugars…this type of technology has been a Godsend. I have such a fear of not waking up in the morning. The last two nights it’s waken me up (very annoying alert, which I guess is good!) with a low blood sugar alert. The truth is because of these hypoglycemic unawareness situations…a continous glucose monitor (CGM) system is a perfect fit for me and my diabetes care.

Do you wear a CGM? If so, which one? What have your experiences been?

6 thoughts on “Review: Dexom G4 Platinum

  1. My old school doc and I are having a small skirmish over my desire for one. He mostly blew off my inquiry and said that he doubts insurance would pay for it. Unfortunately, he is the only “specialist” within an hour drive. But wow, It would be so convenient and help me tighten my control

    • Thank you for sharing Doug! I’m so sorry to hear about your doctor. Where do you live? The truth is that each insurance is different and your doctor has no clue what your provider will cover. I know that you have trouble sensing low-blood sugars and/or waking up with unexplainable high blood sugars they are more likely to cover. Is there anything that I can do to help you advocate?

      • Yeah, waking up with the high sugars explains me best. All day long I’m cruising in a “comfort range”, an occasional low, and rarely over 200. But fasting, all over the place. Sometimes 120’s, occasionally over 300, but mostly in the 200s.
        Would a CGM help… Certainly. How about a pump? Yeah, probably.
        I have been shopping the endos in North Colorado (I’m in southeast Wyoming) and will probably just bite the bullet and travel a bit for the care I feel I deserve


    Hi Quinn!
    I love the blog! You are brilliant, sophisticated and a wonderfully commited woman!
    I have Mr. G4 and had the previous model for a little over three years. I had to fight to get it covered but in the end I won! (you would have been very proud of my letters to the higher powers over that battle, I mean c’mon people really! You will pay for my potnetial eye surgery, wound healing, sick days, hospital stays for DKA or an ambulance ride for a severe low but you WON’T pay for a pretty helpful preventative measure??? Not when I’m done with ya Mr. Big Insurance. ).
    Anyhoo, I am a little in love with my Dex. He makes nights so much easier and safer (not necessarily more romantic!). Aside from Dex, we also have a golden retriever that can sniff out lows and highs…so between Mr. Dex and Roxy (the dog and Dex are usually both spot on) in the bedroom, I feel pretty safe when I am sleeping.
    It has also been a great reminder for me on “lazy” days. You know, those days when you “forget” you have type I and you have missed a bolus or flew through a day failing to stop and eat and check numbers like we all intend to. On those days, Dex can be a reminder..”hey, cynthia….over here…take care of yourself..look, we’re runnin’ a little high…hey let’s do somethign about that…”.
    Ick sides…yes, another gadget…more beeps, it can be wrong (although even when it is “wrong” every once and awhile, I try to keep in perspective how often it is “right”, so what…it just causes me an extra finger stick!)
    I do get mad at him though too. Sometimes I want to throw him against the wall, especially when he seems “stuck” at 212. He MUST be wrong…urg…
    The nice thing is, you can divorce him whenever you want. He is easily tucked away in the cupboard during those times that you are not in the mood to hear any more beeps, see anymore numbers, or stab your body one more time (because all of get there at times).
    We are getting married in August and I have a dress with pockets! I may keep him tucked inside…
    sorry for the ramblings…


    Sorry, Quinn. I just realized I called this site a blog…maybe it is called something different?!! I am so “un techy!”
    Apologies for my misuse of terminilogy….
    I actually used to have a blog named “The Adventures of Mike, Cynthia and Dex!”

    • Thank you for giving your perspective on the Dexcom. And this is totally a blog…and I’m with you on being un-techy! So far I agree with you…I’ve loved it! And CONGRATS on getting married…how perfect to find a dress with pockets. 🙂

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