Health Insurance & Diabetes

I don’t have a blog so that I can say what my political affiliation is and/or make a stand on a certain issue. What my purpose of writing a weekly entry is to write from my personal experience of living with diabetes.

Being a person with a pre-existing medical condition (type-1 diabetes), it’s currently impossible to go out and buy my own health insurance through an insurer. Those companies can currently discriminate who they bring on as policyholders.

As so many of you know I decided to leave my corporate job over a year and a half ago to pursue my dream of doing diabetes advocacy work full time. I’ve been able to have health insurance through my former employer through COBRA. Just the premium costs me almost $600/month. It’s very expensive but I’ve been blessed to still be covered by good insurance. Well that all comes to an end after April (todays my last day). I’ve been looking at my different options and it seems that I only have two (unless you can think of some other ones for me)…

1. Find a man that has a steady job & great health insurance and convince him to marry me ASAP! 🙂 (though my Mom informed me this is fraudulent activity!)


2. Put the work that I’ve been doing to the side and find a full-time position that would offer me full healthcare benefits.cost ofdiabetes

As a person living with type-1 diabetes its an incredibly expensive disease because of constantly needing to pay for your daily supplies. I absolutely could not afford the money out of pocket if I didn’t have insurance…and I’m just talking about the basic, life support supplies. Insulin is NOT a cure for diabetes….it’s simply my life support. Without it, I can’t live.

It’s hard for me to think that we live in 2013 in the USA and it’s this difficult to even get a basic plan. To me this is a catastrophic issue that I’m glad our government has been having a conversation about it. Until a national issue hits you so personally, we sometimes feel disconnected from political decisions. I just hope that a solution can come sooner…rather then later.

Wish me luck in my search for basic health insurance. Let me know what your experiences have been with health insurance and having a chronic condition.


One thought on “Health Insurance & Diabetes

  1. I wanted to thank you for this very good read!! I certainly enjoyed every little
    bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new stuff you

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