Choosing to Give & the Story of Widow’s Mite

2013 Israel Group

2013 Israel Group

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel to Israel twice with my mother. She brings groups of people over to the Holy Land to learn more about the Bible’s teachings through a gifted preacher out of Texas named Jim Martin.

Widow's mite ring

Widow’s mite ring

After my first trip in 2010 she gave me a gift of a widow’s mite coin that had been made into a ring. To be honest, I wasn’t completely familiar with the actual story (just more the lesson). Back in Jesus’ day He was teaching in the Temple and a widow brought two coins as an offering (at the time the coins were the lowest in currency value). Much wealthier people donated more money than her. Jesus explained to His disciples that the smaller means from poorer people mean more to Him then the extravagant, but less proportional amount from the wealthy.

I’m reminded of this story because May is the month that I’ve chosen to raise money for the last 19 years of my life…ever since my younger brother Will was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. Year after year I write a letter and send it out in the mail (now I also post on the internet!) and am amazed by people’s incredible generosity. Some of these folks I’ve never personally met, but may be my parent’s friends or someone who saw that I was raising money on Facebook and wanted to donate $5 to diabetes because they knew someone affected by it.

Why I love the story of the widow’s mite is because it doesn’t matter the amount of money you donate to a cause…it could be $1 or $100. I believe you are blessed when you give. I know I’ve found that in my own life when donating my time or money. I’m also touched by people’s kind words that they send me along with their donations during this time of year.

*If you’re interested in learning more about the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association that I’m riding in on Saturday, May 30th in Minneapolis, MN click here…

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