Why Crossfit CEO is WAY out of line! Coke does not = Diabetes

Ever wondered how you can be a diabetes advocate? I get asked that by people all the time wondering what they can do

Instagram post by Crossfit yesterday.

Instagram post by Crossfit yesterday.

to make a difference in raising awareness about diabetes.

Here’s your opportunity…

THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN DO: go and speak up to CrossFit​ about the facts about diabetes and choose to not support a company that is so blatantly ignorant about diabetes…type-1 & type-2.

Crossfit posted this yesterday on their Twitter account.

Crossfit posted this yesterday on their Twitter account.

Yesterday the company posted on all of their social media sites (to millions of people) the images that I have posted on this blogpost.

Coke does NOT equal diabetes. And even though lifestyle can be a factor in type-2 diabetes…it’s not for 100% of people diagnosed with type-2. Even in the percentage where it is, how degrading for ANY person to make a such a comment. No one is perfect. It’s sad to see that people who are CEO’s of “health” companies not only are not fully educated, but that they use their seat of influence to fuel lies.

Glassman himself had polio as a child (as he told 60 Minutes this year). You would only hope that he would take his own personal experience as a young person and realize what life was like facing adversity and instead becoming bitter and judgmental, instead look through the lense of compassion for anyone facing a challenge in their life…especially that of a chronic illness.

Reebok is his biggest commercial sponsorship currently. I think they should drop Crossfit with their millions of dollars they are paying in their sponsorship to them. A reputable brand should not associate with people who want to speak so negatively about millions of people.

EVERYONE: Use the voice that God gave you and speak up when you know something is wrong. The problem is not that Greg Glassman is a “bad person”…it’s that he’s choosing to use his very privileged seat at the board table to spread a message that is not correct. He is fueling a misperception in our society and shaming people who struggle with a chronic illness when they may never have had a choice to get it (like my younger brother and I).

It would take you less than one minute to go to Crossfit’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and post a message on their wall and/or write it on your own Facebook page and make sure to tag them in it on why you believe their message was wrong and irresponsible. We need to flood all of their social media pages with the truth!

Bottom line is that you can never motivate people by shaming them. It’s time for the diabetes community to stand up and have our voices heard!