Be Still

AugustCFCBlogGraphic-261x300Our brains, no matter what age we are, can sometimes be like an over-active toddler. We respond immediately to “shiny objects,” noises, and colorful stimulants so our attention is constantly being shifted from one thing to another.

If you’re five, that is completely normal behavior. If you are an adult trying to hold down a job or even complete tasks at home, these constant distractions make it a challenge to get anything done.

As much as we want our ducks in a row, our lives are often more like squirrels at a rave.

The sad fact is that we allow so much to crowd into our every waking moment, we’ve become immune to the beauty and guidance of subtle nudges, signs, and revelations.

We all need to slow down and just be for a few minutes. Sit outside, sip coffee and just soak up the sun and fresh air. Just hold a quiet space for 15-20 minutes and let our brain rest. Like that rambunctious toddler, we all need to learn to be still.

So what does being still look and feel like? Unlike what the phrase implies being still is not like playing a game of Freeze Tag where everyone goes into statue-mode when a teammate yells “freeze!”

To be still does mean to stop moving, but it also means to start observing. It means taking a break from the headlong rush of a day to just breathe and appreciate.

Here are a handful of ways we can all create some quiet space in our lives…even if it’s only for a few minutes:

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Pilots With Diabetes Set New World Record: 29 States in 24 Hours

pilots-preparefortakeoff-Dexcom-planeDid you know that there are only eight countries that allow people with diabetes to be commercial airline pilots? Most countries find it to be too much of a liability. I recently got to interview two inspiring men who have type 1, are pilots, and recently beat the previously-set world flying record of landing in 23 states in 24 hours!

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Doing Anything is Easy (It’s being good at it is the challenge!)

We all have dreams that may seem a bit unattainable.
But we hang on to them anyway. We might not “go public” about these dreams, but they are alive and well and residing in a hypothetical “Wish File” that we like to mentally crack open and peek at on occasion.
Some people want to be an astronaut and some people want to raise alpacas. Some people want to be self-employed while others dream of working for a Fortune 500 company. But I will bet all of those same people are afraid to speak those dreams out loud if asked at a social gathering.

We let a fear of failure prevent us from speaking about our dreams and even let the fear of being judged prevent us from acknowledging them to others. We let ourselves feel silly when admitting to our ambitions because we know there’s a slim chance of them ever becoming real.

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