Why We Should All Protest the High Cost of Insulin

Imagine getting diagnosed with a life-changing, incurable disease at the age of t13 that you had nothing to do with. That’s what happened to me. My first thought was…

My life is over.

Next, the doctor tells me that I would need to inject—inject!—a medicine called insulin that would serve as my life support because my pancreas is broken and has stopped producing insulin on its own.

I absolutely hate needles. 

It was an emotional, overwhelming and confusing time for me. The good news is my father is a pharmacist, so he took care of my prescriptions.

ADV_Insulin_Petition_Insulin_isnt_optional_FACEBOOK_1200X628-V2-1030x539Back in 1999 my insulin vial cost around $20. Fast forward 19 years. Today, my insulin cost $395 a vial! I go through a vial about every two weeks. And this is just ONE of my prescriptions for diabetes.

This vial of insulin has not changed in its formulary, the price has simply increased. Like many Americans, I also have insurance with a high-deductible, so in the beginning months of the year, I’m stuck paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket until I hit my out-of-pocket max. I am basically a cash cow for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc. But I’m kind of stuck—they know I rely on insulin to stay alive so I have to buy it.  Insulin is not optional for me.

How You Can Get Involved in the Fight Against High Prices 

This is why I’m flying to Indianapolis this weekend to protest these practices—along with many other fierce, fellow diabetes advocates—on the grounds of Eli Lilly for the #insulin4all demonstration.

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2 thoughts on “Why We Should All Protest the High Cost of Insulin

  1. I am in the ‘Medicare hole’ half the year so for 6 months I get my Humalog from Canada. $45.00 which includes shipping. I am not sure why anybody would pay the crazy prices they want in the Untied States. Maybe if more of the insulin dependent folks would also purchase from Canada they might get it, That is the only way as many politicians are paid off by big pharma, just as we are getting pummelled there pockets are getting padded! Our money, yours and mine! For what? So we can continue to live our lives.

    • I forgot to add that I have been type 1 for 56 years and Eli Lilly sent me a silver medal for what? Maybe buying insulin for that long. It does look nice.

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