Doing Anything is Easy (It’s being good at it is the challenge!)

We all have dreams that may seem a bit unattainable.
But we hang on to them anyway. We might not “go public” about these dreams, but they are alive and well and residing in a hypothetical “Wish File” that we like to mentally crack open and peek at on occasion.
Some people want to be an astronaut and some people want to raise alpacas. Some people want to be self-employed while others dream of working for a Fortune 500 company. But I will bet all of those same people are afraid to speak those dreams out loud if asked at a social gathering.

We let a fear of failure prevent us from speaking about our dreams and even let the fear of being judged prevent us from acknowledging them to others. We let ourselves feel silly when admitting to our ambitions because we know there’s a slim chance of them ever becoming real.

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