Bittersweet Valentine: An Exclusive Interview With County Music Star Eric Paslay

ep_coverLast year I had the amazing opportunity to interview Nick Jonas, a fellow type 1, like me. It happened to be Valentine’s Day and let’s be honest…what single lady wouldn’t relish that role? This year, I was asked to interview Eric Paslay, a rising country music star who also lives with type 1 diabetes. (Are you sensing a pattern here? Talented performers and type 1 diabetes???)

Unfortunately for me, Eric is already taken. He’s married fellow country singer—and long-time girlfriend Natalie Harker in April 2016. (You can read more about his romantic proposal to her here.) So, it looks like I’ll be spending another Valentine’s Day without a Valentine! But, hey, I still enjoyed talking with this charming, talented and very funny young man.

Eric started his rise in the country music scene first by finding success as a songwriter, and then releasing his most recent album last summer with the title track, “Angels in This Town”.  During our conversation I was struck by how being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age helped propel him to take a different path. In fact, he says it’s what ultimately lead him to the success that he’s had today on the airwaves.

Here’s my interview with this down-to-earth, humble Texan: