Dexcom G6 Review

Twelve years ago, I was entering my junior year at Hope College. I was excited to be transferring to a new college, but even more so to be trying out my very first Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). It was made by Medtronic and the transmitter was quite large, so you had to use a lot of tape to keep it close to your skin, the insertion was quite painful, often causing blood to surface, the numbers weren’t that accurate, and you had to keep the sensors in the refrigerator. But even with all the drawbacks, I desperately wanted my quality of life as a college junior to improve and the CGM held the promise of that.

A handful of years after that experience I transferred to the Dexcom. I absolutely loved it! The numbers on the CGM were so much more accurate to my blood glucose meter readings. Last week I received the brand-new G6 kit in the mail so I could review it for OnTrack Diabetes. (It’s being officially released to consumer sometime in June). My younger brother (also a T1D) and I did a Facebook Live about the insertion process and the differences between the G5 (what he uses) and the G6.

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