OmniPod Versus Animas: Why I Chose to Switch and What You Need to Know


My former insulin pump company (Animas) announced yesterday they were no longer going to produce their pump. That left tens of thousands of people searching for their next pump.

Check out my blogpost about falling in love with MyOmnipod and my brutally honest review….

7500 Views in 48 Hours

Signing a copy of my book for a parent of a teenage girl living with diabetes.

Signing a copy of my book for a parent of a teenage girl living with diabetes.

For the last two years I’ve been blogging for another diabetes website. I decided to stop with that because it had started to not become as fun for me anymore. I wanted to get back to purely writing for myself on my little WordPress site. Unrestricted. Not influenced by what content or messaging they had on their homepage. I feel most centered when I’m speaking about my diabetes journey. I realize not one d-journey is the same…but I hope to be a voice to those who need one.


The Video that got 7,500 hits in 48 hours

I was playing around with a new Facebook video feature last week and posted a year-old video that I had filmed by a guy friend of mine who I met through Bible study last January. Imagine my shock when I went back on my FB two days later to see the video had almost 7,500 views! The video is something that I’m really proud of and I wanted you all to know why filming that video helped me break aways chains to bring me freedom again….

Him and I worked on a concept and he suggested that I bring in my figure skating background to weave into the story. That didn’t sound like a good idea to me. Since beginning treatment (for bulimia), I had not laced up my skates. During my tough years of struggling with an eating disorder, it made me feel not good enough. The old things that I loved to do were not fun for me anymore. I hadn’t played a note on the piano since leaving the pageant scene in 2010 and hadn’t laced up skating boots since 2007.

I didn’t even have my pair of skates at my apartment in Minneapolis. He told me he wanted to show another aspect of my life, other then just living with diabetes. I bought a $25 pair of figure skates off of Craigslist and brought them to get sharpened the morning of the filming. He told me he had picked out a small pond that he thought would remind me of the days when I learned to figure skate in my parent’s backyard.

My book got published last January by River Place Press.

My book got published last January by River Place Press.

I had to get to the point that day that my history of being sick with an eating disorder did not have to dictate my destiny. If living with diabetes for 16 years has taught me anything…it’s that you may have tough days and fall, but the next day is a new one and you must find strength in the Lord and pick yourself back up.

Skating around that pond last February reminded me of my love of the sport. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t whip off jumps and spins anymore. What mattered was that I laced those boots up after years of fearing of not being good enough on that ice.

Publishing my book last January about my journey living with diabetes has fueled my desire to want to continue to speak out about my personal story. Tomorrow I head to Washington, D.C. to speak to over 100 Novo Nordisk employees about being an effective diabetes advocate and on Wednesday we will march the Hill. Send prayers my way!

Please take a moment to watch the video and let me know of a time where you overcame a fear….

To learn more about the work I do for diabetes, or to see if I’m speaking in a town near you, check out my website…

Next week’s blog post –  JD will write on what it was like for him to shoot a video and learn more about diabetes from another angle. 

Tough Lesson for People living w/ type-1 diabetes (aka me)

I will never forget the day 3 years ago when I got trapped in a white-out blizzard in Iowa on Interstate 35. I left early in the morning from my parent’s house in Northern Minnesota to head south to Kansas City, where I was living and working at the time. I had checked the weather forecast for that day and it said “light snow”. Ok, I was good to go. As I entered Iowa the light snow started to turn into white-out conditions. I should’ve pulled off the road, but instead I trudged ahead knowing that I had a work event that afternoon. It got to the point where I literally couldn’t see two feet in front of me. People started braking, going, stopping, slowing down, speeding up. I started to panic. Then I heard metal crashing behind me. I knew it was bad. I needed to get off the interstate…and fast. I called 911 asking for assistance to help drivers get off the interstate. I saw an exit right in front of me but nothing past that. They told me they couldn’t help. So the next semi-truck that I saw getting on the exit ramp I quickly followed, but I lost visibility very quickly and drove myself off the ramp. I was stuck. I called 911 back and now told them I was stranded in my car

dudleyscorner and that I feared I was going to get hit from behind. The operator told me a squad car was coming up the exit now and he could pick me up. It happened all so quickly all I had time to think of was to grab my purse and get into his squad car. He brought me and another young man to Dudley’s Corner (a small truck stop), the only thing off that exit, in Latimer, IA.

To make a very long story short (for blog purposes) I ended up being stranded there for 24 hours. I wear the Medtronic insulin pump, but when I pack for a trip I used to always keep my bulk supplies (infusion sets, reservoirs, inserter, etc.) in my suitcase. The supplies that I carry with me are my blood glucose meter, lancet device, test strips, and my vial of Novolog insulin. I could never have imagined being stranded at this truck stop for so long. That day I had less than 50 units of insulin left in my pump. As the hours dragged on my insulin reservoir got lower and lower. I got to the point where I was only eating things with no carbs because I didn’t want to use up any additional insulin and knew I needed to eat something. I couldn’t believe that I was stuck here, let alone that I was separated from insulin pump supplies.

road closedThe next day a co-worker of mine showed up at the truck store (once the highways were re-opened) to come and find me. She had heard from my boss that I had been stranded there with over 100 people. She got me back to her house and then she helped me troubleshoot on how we were going to get my car towed out (there were 100’s of cars in the ditches within an 80-mile stretch of interstate). Because my car wasn’t obstructing traffic flow, I was told my car couldn’t be towed out for another 2-3 days. Janie, bless her heart, knew the police chief and called him asking if he could help us, knowing that my diabetes supplies were in the car and at this point I had been out of insulin for hours it had become a medical emergency. By a gift from God he was able to move my car up the list and it was towed out in the next hour. It was a miracle. My car was pretty banged up from cars and plows hitting it on their trip up the exit. Later that day I found out that the metal crashing behind me on the interstate was a 40-car pile up that led to numerous injuries and a couple of fatalities. It made national news:

Sometimes I go day by day thinking my life is pretty normal and that I don’t live with a chronic illness. But days like that one 3 years ago, I’m reminded that I have a very serious disease that can be deadly without my medication. Going forward I was so thankful for my life and used it as a learning lesson for future trips.

I was in North Carolina this past weekend visiting a college friend of mine. Before I left I made sure to have 1 infusion set, insulin, and reservoir packed in my purse in case of an emergency. 🙂

Have you ever gotten yourself into a mess because you didn’t have your diabetes supplies with you? 

Singing for the Twins & 2013

I know that I haven’t blogged for several months. Not because a lack of ideas. Instead I chose to take the last couple months off (from social media) and immerse myself into some special work projects.

At the end of May,  Twin’s Baseball called me and asked if I would do the honors of singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” for the 7th twinsinning stretch for the diabetes awareness game. I said yes right away, but then thought to myself, “they never asked me if I could sing?” I was never much of a singer, let alone with any decent tone. They let me have some friends and family sing with me and all in all it was a great game with a lot of money and awareness raised for diabetes.

In the fall I was asked to film a patient testimonial for Medtronic Diabetes. I’ve worn their pump & continuous Glucose Monitor for the last 10 it was an honor to be asked to share my experiences as a pump devotee. I’ll let you know when they post it on their site.

Then in December I got a call from an Entertainment Company to shoot a short video for Delta Airlines & MSN. It was a whirlwind trip to California. They chose people to tell a crazy, outrageous travel story that had happened to them. Mine involved diabetes(of course, right?). In my next blog post I’ll tell you the harrowing story of getting trapped in a white-out blizzard in Iowa and being stuck at a gas station for 24 hours without my diabetes supplies. I was told that the project is set to debut in March. I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

grandpaThis last summer I lost my dear Grandfather. He taught me so much about life and how to treat other people. I miss him greatly. Now each day I will move forward with doing things that honor his memory.

With the New Year comes talk of the list of “Resolutions” that are bound to be made. As a “recovering perfectionist” I easily can get down on myself for not hitting each resolution perfectly…no slip ups, no mistakes. This year I want to make general things to strive for. Be kinder and gentler to myself. Enjoying the little things. Appreciate friends and family. Continue to do the work that I’m so passionate about doing…diabetes awareness. Give thanks to God.

What are you striving for in 2013?