OmniPod Versus Animas: Why I Chose to Switch and What You Need to Know


My former insulin pump company (Animas) announced yesterday they were no longer going to produce their pump. That left tens of thousands of people searching for their next pump.

Check out my blogpost about falling in love with MyOmnipod and my brutally honest review….

Making your insulin pump fashionable!?!

Is there a way that you can make your insulin pump (aka plastic box) fashionable? Or is that an oxymoron? I saw on a diabetes Facebook group a company called “Hanky Pancreas” with it’s mission of “creating a series of functional yet fashionable products to better integrate wearable diabetes technologies with the human experience.”

I’ve always struggled with where to put the pump when I wear a cocktail dress out, or if I’m wearing leggings and a tunic. It seems small, but it becomes this object that you’re trying to tac up in odd places. Too much information?

Moving on….I went to the website interested to see what these fashionable accessories looked like. I was in heaven! There were beautiful flowers (I ordered the white and black ones), a multi-functional scarf and other items that I was drooling over.  I received the handmade items in the mail this last week and had to wear one the next day. See the photo to the right of my (poor) self-portrait sporting the “White Flower (Bolus)”.  Not only did it add a cute, interesting element to my outfit but the pump was in an easy to access spot and it was more comfortable to wear thanks to Jessica’s thoughtful design.

Jessica Floeh is the founder of Hanky Pancreas™, and her passion is contagious. She wants to challenge the current models of design for medical devices. Check out her website and let me know what you think. This was my valentine’s gift to myself! 🙂