How I Hid Behind Diabetes to Cover Up My Bulimia

I recently shared my story with PsyCom of living with bulimia nervosa and diabetes, and how I used balancing my blood sugars as a cover for binging and purging.

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Why We Need to be Talking About Eating Disorders AND Type 1 Diabetes

For 12 years I had suffered in denial, silence, shame, guilt, and despair. I didn’t believe there was another life that I could live. It wasn’t until going to treatment, along with my family and friends support, that I realized there was a wonderful life to live out there. I just needed to be honest with my struggles, accept help and believe that I was worth it.

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My Struggle with Type 1 & Bulimia

I was recently interviewed for a podcast by On Track Diabetes on my personal struggle with type 1 diabetes and bulimia (also referred to as ED-DMT1). Here’s the details…

The Diabetes Dish sat down with Quinn Nystrom to discuss her personal battle with bulimia, how the language around insulin used by a well-meaning doctor when she was first diagnosed may have triggered the problem and the experience of losing a friend to an eating disorder. Quinn’s frank talk will inspire anyone dealing with this challenging issue.


When Holidays Aren’t the Most Wonderful Time of Year

In our American culture, I think it’s easy to buy into the sense that holidays should be the most joyful and wonderful time of year. But then if we don’t feel that way, there’s something wrong with us, and/or we’ve become Scrooge!
There are a lot of reasons why research has shown higher rates of depression and suicide around the holidays; Seasonal Affective Disorder, year-end stress, family triggers, social media images of other’s “perfect” life, etc. After leaving residential treatment back in 2012, I have tried to stick to these four strategies to keep myself in the best emotional place that I can during this stressful time.

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OmniPod Versus Animas: Why I Chose to Switch and What You Need to Know


My former insulin pump company (Animas) announced yesterday they were no longer going to produce their pump. That left tens of thousands of people searching for their next pump.

Check out my blogpost about falling in love with MyOmnipod and my brutally honest review….

6 Reasons Why T1D Moms Rock

816isHh0tBL._UL1500_1024x1024I saw a t-shirt recently that said, “Type 1 diabetes doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mom who never gives up.” Having being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at such a young age, my mother was tasked with the majority of the medical care and responsibility. When I was in my teenage rebellion period—in denial about my diabetes and not wanting to do what was necessary to keep my blood sugar under control—she never missed a beat. Mom was always right there in the middle of the night testing my glucose to ensure I didn’t go too low or high. The dedication that my mom and so many other T1 moms show is inspiring and something I think most people on the outside don’t realize.

Here, my tribute to all the T1D moms out there: